Why am I doing this again?

Basically, the last few years of my life have been a bit crap. Everything I post about relates to my life in some way. I’ve been in some awful relationships and had some toxic friendships but I’ve managed to come out on top. I’ve been able to keep my head above water throughout all of the crap I’ve been through. Roughly a year ago, I was working significantly below standards at school because I was missing lessons due to the fact that I was too emotionally unstable to be there. I was exhausted half of the time and I hadn’t eaten properly for a very long time. Bravely, I told someone that I needed help and, I got it. I was given a mentor. This meant that I had someone to rant at when things were going downhill. Ultimately, I got there. I managed to kick all the negative shit over and I was able to finally reach my goal and start fresh.

Anyway, enough emotional talk about me. I am here because I don’t want ANYONE to go through anything close to what I have. It isn’t a nice thought process to sit there and think you’re not good enough because you bloody well are. Reading blog posts is what allowed me to discover who I really was and be able to make it through the toughest point in my life. If I am able to convince someone that they are good enough in this world through my blog posts then I will consider this blog to be a success.

I cannot wait to get started on what I believe will be a fantastic journey with some amazing people by my side. It is going to be a joy ride with Brenden Urie in the back for sure! (Shoutout to all my P!ATD fans ;))

If you think that anyone could benefit from this blog, please direct them this way to show them that it is okay to feel this way and there are ways to get through it even if you feel all alone. Be sure to contact me via ‘osalmoner@icloud.com’ if you wish to talk or have some ideas for future blog posts that could help someone.

Thank You, Louie

Yugen – An awareness of the universe which triggers an emotional thought too deep for words.

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