A Fresh Start

Have you ever needed one of these? Ugh, me too. they’re so important. Lately, I’ve been lucky enough to receive quite a few of these. I was offered a new job and I’ve been able to get into the sixth form that I wanted to go to. For me, this was just the best newsContinue reading “A Fresh Start”

Losing Someone

Whether you’ve lost an animal (pet) or a person with meaning in your life, the grieving process is very similar.  Recently, I lost a pet who was very precious in my life. His name was Jasper, you can learn more about Jasper in the following posts: My Feline Friend My Feline Friend (Part 2) AsContinue reading “Losing Someone”


Neptune is the stunning eighth planet from the sun. It’s also the fourth largest – bigger than earth. It has a gorgeous blue tint and has 14 moons! Astonishingly, it was first observed in 1846, after this it was named after the Roman god of the sea. It’s amazing how only one spacecraft has flownContinue reading “Neptune”