Finding Your Happiness

Hi guys, Happiness is something that a lot of people think that they lack. In fact, the people who think this way often haven’t discovered what it is that actually makes them happy. Trying new things is a fantastic way to find out what really makes you smile. My experiences with happiness A few yearsContinue reading “Finding Your Happiness”

Losing a “Friend”

Sometimes people come into our lives and we create these amazing bonds with people who we instantly class as friends or even a best friend. But have you ever noticed that sometimes these people change for the worse? Maybe they become bossy or controlling, perhaps they stop caring, or the two of you fell out.Continue reading “Losing a “Friend””

Your Social Circle

Over the years, my social circle has grown and shrunk as a result of my actions and my friends’ actions. This means that I have had a lack of friends or people I can trust for long periods of time. Ultimately, this left me feeling alone during a time where I feel like I neededContinue reading “Your Social Circle”


Neptune is the stunning eighth planet from the sun. It’s also the fourth largest – bigger than earth. It has a gorgeous blue tint and has 14 moons! Astonishingly, it was first observed in 1846, after this it was named after the Roman god of the sea. It’s amazing how only one spacecraft has flownContinue reading “Neptune”

Social Pressure

When I was younger, People made me feel guilty for not trying new, dangerous things but I was wiser than most of them. They took the mick and made fun because they didn’t like the fact that I was responsible. Those people are now in their last year of school and aren’t doing very wellContinue reading “Social Pressure”

Exciting Opportunities

Okay, so, today, I haven’t actually planned a post. *GASPS*.  For real though, I simply haven’t had time to think. I just wanted to upload something to give you guys reassurance that I am 100% dedicated to the work that I am putting on my blog. It means a lot to me and I wantContinue reading “Exciting Opportunities”

Saying no to things

Sometimes we get that feeling where we have plans but we feel so low that we just want to cancel or say no when someone tries to make plans. Honestly, I’m here to tell you to stop canceling plans and saying no to things! #FOMO I don’t know about you guys but quite often whenContinue reading “Saying no to things”

Turning over a new leaf

Recently I’ve been thinking about what September brings. September marks a new academic year; some people will move from secondary school to college, others move up to university or even full-time work. It brings in the perfect opportunity to start afresh. Embrace new opportunities Turning over a new leaf is almost like giving yourself aContinue reading “Turning over a new leaf”

Your Last Day

There will always be a time in your life where you end up reaching the last day. Whether it be at school or at work or even at home. Wherever it is, it is always an emotional day which can often end in tears. When your last day arrives it is always good to rememberContinue reading “Your Last Day”

Secrets 🔒

Hello again; today I will be talking about something that has a lot of meaning to me as a person. I am quite a closed person. This means that I don’t like sharing the things that are personal to me. You may think that this is normal because no one enjoys sharing their personal lifeContinue reading “Secrets 🔒”