Vogue can go F*** Themselves – a poem

Lately I’ve been thinking Thinking about how i wish my weight dropped as quickly as my mood and the thoughts in my mind. My mind likes to torture me until i repeatedly tell myself that I’m not what people would call pretty. Pretty is a hard thing to be. Certain height, certain weight, only certainContinue reading “Vogue can go F*** Themselves – a poem”

A Secret About Love- a poem

I’m scared to ask for things I want Worried I’ll be judged for my love of romantic cliches. I’ve always wanted to be swept off my feet. But I’m used to them being pulled from beneath me. I’ve never been spoiled so all this is new to me, But the things I love cannot beContinue reading “A Secret About Love- a poem”

I got snowflakes for my birthday – a poem

whats on your mind today? nothing. literally nothing these snow clouds outside are in my head too clouding every possible thought freezing it and dusting it with snow so i cannot see it are you enjoying your birthday? i forget that its today it doesn’t feel like a birthday just another day where i can’tContinue reading “I got snowflakes for my birthday – a poem”