The Takeover – Daisy Doyle

I’ve been asked to share this. It is a fantastic piece of literature written by one of my good friends, Daisy.

My head spinning; my thoughts intrusive, it resembles a tumble-dryer. An anxious layer of doubt in the pit of my stomach, heaviness seems to take over numerous points of my day. Flickering thoughts previously passed innocently, now sit ready to pounce like a tiger. My positive thoughts are drowned out by a deafening voice inside my head, it speaks as if it knows everything about me. I suppose it does, it seems so distant; so detached from what I know. My normal outlook on life is something I haven’t really struggled with before. The way I view myself is something I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It devours every inch of my existence, ending up back in my shell once again. Although it’s on my mind constantly I refuse to let it conquer me. I fight every day to attack the anxiety I face, I come from a long line of strong women, I understand that I must carry on this family tradition. I also know I am strong. I have made it this far and intend to make it much further no matter my psychological state.

A little note from me, I understand this feeling it can feel that you are all alone even when surrounded by loving family and friends. You shouldn’t feel bad about this. I assure you, in every way possible, you can relate to me. If you ever need a listening ear or someone to get you through I am always around the school, e-mail me or arrange for a sit down chat. It can seem daunting to speak to someone in an older year, but don’t ever be afraid to speak out.   

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