Don’t let mental health be your brick wall.

Have you ever felt like mental health is causing you some sort of block in life? Almost as if there is some sort of physical wall in your place which stops you from making any progress in life? It’s like there’s a barrier which you have to break down before you can do much more with your life. I call this my brick wall.

The mental health brick wall

To help raise awareness, The Mental Health Champions at school have helped to create a version of this brick wall with positive messages to suggest that the wall can be a positive message and to not let is bog you down. The wall is covered in positive vibes created by students helping to indicate that there is more to life than negativity. There is little need to feel alone or afraid because there are others who are feeling similar.

Secondary school is one of the worst places with regards to mental health. Students are expected to be hard workers and are placed under an awful lot of stress which many of them find very difficult to cope with. There are expectations to be a certain kind of person which can be difficult for students of a young age. There is a lot of stress regarding exams and being a person which you are simply not.

It is crucial to ones mental health that they express and love themselves because once you can get to the stage of loving yourself for who you are, you are capable of doing anything. If you spend your teenage years believing and acting like you are something that you’re not, you will spend your whole life thinking you’re stupid because you’re different. Students should be encouraged to express themselves and be the different that they are instead of being treated like every other person in the school.

The competition winner!

The Mental Health Champions at my school are dedicated to ensuring that students are aware of the support that is around them. It is their job to help students to understand that they aren’t alone and that their differences are recognised and encouraged. While we understand that there is more behind mental health that meets the eye, we do our best to help people understand our purpose and the reasons we do what we do.

Yugen – A thought about the universe which triggers an emotional response too deep to put into words.

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