Exam Stress

Hello everyone,

This one has been written by a kind co-writer applicant who wishes to talk about exam stress in this difficult period. Without further ado, enjoy!

As many of the readers of this blog are still enrolled within education. I believe this topic is a very clear and defining part of the schooling system which is heavily glossed over for a variety of topics. I went to a variety of length stretching myself thin trying to fill a never-ending changing routine of study and free time with friends with the latter coming to the surface. This I now realise was not the best choice to do however it did manage to claim my nerves from what I dreaded.

Upon looking back on these practises I realise it may not have been so changing and not keeping a more fixed routine however I still managed to achieve despite many setbacks. The reason I hid away from revision was a fear of not being good enough like a failure without a reason some sort of shield to hide behind to give some reason to my already believed failure in my abilities to cope with any sort of pressure.

However recently I have been working through some of these issues and I have learnt to dealing with stress like the type gained from high pressure exams. I did this through ignoring it and focusing on having fun with my friends but I look back and wish I had stuck through it and maybe reached out to someone for help dealing with the stress. I believe I would have done better and learnt more if I had stuck it out and preformed more revision to achieve higher as I believe I could have learnt more than just basic academic subjects but about resilience in the face of stress and learned to tough it out and grow as an individual. However, I have also since grown this way in a different in a longer time frame than if I just stuck it out.

Sorry for the little rant. Exam stress can be dealt with in a variety of ways such as hanging out with friends, talking to them about it and supporting each other when times get tough and stick together. Other ways to combat the stress caused by exams are taking regular breaks and taking time out for yourself, do something you enjoy and like for me it was drawing, playing some games and writing many stories. These features made me feel better during the exam season however the way I preformed these tactics was incorrect and it made me feel useless and already a failure. We are people at the end of the day this I realised. We aren’t prefect we have our flaws, our downfalls and our trouble yet most people like to pretend it a singular issue one we alone must face but like those cheesy lines in movies and TV shows.

We aren’t alone at the end of the day, we can be with people we love and who love us all the same. Those who will support us and help us when we need and ask for it such as teachers, parents and each other. Exams help to realise a network between people. After my exams, I realised this I learnt that it’s better to help build this support network it was a belief that has come in useful I rebuilt ties with old friends I had fallen out with and it has made me happier than I thought it would it gave me more support and they were very helpful.

My advice is the age-old sounding like it won’t help is don’t stress. You have the ability to succeed if you try, you study hard and take breaks else you may burn out. If you don’t think anyone believes in you I shall because you can I know you have the ability to succeed but this is not a reason to slack off or not do any revision. This will hopeful give you the motivation to try to get all your revision done and take one of the best breaks in your life.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk

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