Okay, I’m writing about something a little different today because this is something that has been in the media quite a lot recently. I’m just going to say that I’m ashamed to be a part of a race which is doing what it’s doing to the planet. I can tell that there are a few people rolling their eyes and clicking away from this post after reading that but it really is something that needs to be talked about.

Recently, it has been announced that we must keep global warming below 1.5 degrees celsius else it could have detrimental impacts. We have just 5 years to do this before our actions become irreversible. I mean, does that really not do something for you? Does it really not make you want to do something about your actions to help to achieve that goal? I mean, this is your home planet. How could anyone treat their home planet like this?

I really hope that humans will start getting their heads together and realising the impact that we are having on the planet. This is our home and we simply won’t survive without it. Humans deserve to thrive and enjoy life but we are are being put down and kept quiet by those more powerful. Conglomerates and monopolies own too much power in this world to the extent that 7 billion other humans don’t have a loud enough voice to express themselves. This is why we can do little things to help not to play their games.

There are so many other species on this planet too which also don’t deserve the cruel acts of humans. Animals are killed and used against their will to feed, clothe and entertain us. Did you know that there are less than 1% of species still in existence since the beginning of time. Mostly because humans killed them all off. How could we?

There are small things that you can do that can help to save the planet. Let me ask you this… how many of you charge your phone overnight? I’m guessing a lot. Your phone doesn’t turn itself off when it get’s to 100% it just keep wasting electricity by mindlessly pumping it into the phone. How many of you also buy water bottles? Again, a lot. Why not buy a reusable one and fill it up with tap water instead of using unnecessary plastic.

So, there are a few things I will be doing to help save the planet: I have decided to be part-time vegetarian until I can build myself up to do it everyday. I’ve done it before and I went all in and it was rather unhealthy for me. Red meat constitutes to a lot of issues surrounding co2 emissions. It also uses a lot of land which can have better, more sustainable uses. I will be consuming no animal products on weekends and then adding another day each week until I do it full-time. I will also be charging all of my products during the day so I can be aware of how much energy I’m using.

I was talking to someone who made a good point about the ordeal the other day. 30 years ago, milk would have been delivered by a milkman in glass bottles. These bottles would then be sterilised and reused. Unfortunately, now, milk comes in plastic bottles which just end up in landfill and often in the oceans.

I’m personally really passionate about saving this planet. It’s home and we’re destroying it. We should’ve got our shit together 10 years ago to prevent this from happening but we have wasted that time and now we must cure earth from its sickness. If we all pitch in and do little things like buying a reusable water bottle we could have a huge impact on this planet’s future?

Do you really want to be the generation that killed the planet?

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