Anxiety – A short film.

Some of you might already know that I decided to take film studies as an A-Level back in September. I absolutely LOVE the subject. It links really well with my other two subjects and it’s really interesting. I love the films that we study and I find amazing how you can analyse the filmmaker’s intentions and spot what they are trying to do through the use of the core film elements. Anywho, I’m rambling on. Let’s get to the point:

Basically, for my coursework I have to write a screenplay for a short film (4-5) minutes and it needs to be 1600-1800 words. Easy. Now, we are told by the exam board to do 80 minutes worth of research for short films. Essentially, we need to watch short films totalling in 80 minutes. Great. We’ve watched a few and we’ve completed the research and analysed nearly all the films. We were advised to do our own research on top to help us understand the construction of short films. I decided to do a little bit of my own and I’ve come across a few that have really impacted me.

This film is called ‘Anxiety’ – it’s all about a girl who sufferes from bad anxiety (shock) and she has difficulty with doing little things (such as going out with friends.) Now the interesting thing about this film is that her anxiety is represented through another character. This character is also the girl who is suffering from anxiety but she is represented differently. The girl who is a symbol of anxiety is dressed darkly, wears dark lipstick and only ever wears one outfit. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is probably because she is meant to be some sort of ghost which only the protagonist can see.

I really like how clearly the two characters are represented. I love how it’s the same characters yet, two different personalities. It really helps to explain how difficult anxiety can be for someone and how we are able to deal with it. How, eventually we can just get up and tell our anxiety to do one. It has a positive ending and tells the audience that it’s okay to be anxious and we are able to get through it at some part. No matter how difficult it can get.

I believe that I relate really well with this character. Sometimes I really suffer with my anxiety and others I can put my fists up and fight. The point is that, no matter how you’re feeling, you can get through it and this film helps to show that.

If you wish to watch it and see what I’m talking about, I’ve embedded it below:

Please note that I don’t own this film. All credits go to the creator ‘Michael Smigel’

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