The last week of my life

I’m not going to lie, this last week has been the most unproductive along with the most productive week I’ve had in a rather long time. I have been able to paint, tidy and clean my bedroom and spend some well needed time with those who mean a lot to me. I also caught up on some well-needed rest. The point is, just because I didn’t spend 3 hours a day at my desk trying my best to push out some revision, doesn’t mean that I haven’t been productive. I have been able to have a very productive lifestyle which is very important for my mental health.

A few months ago, I decided that I needed a change in my room because it had basically been the EXACT same for the last sort of 11 years. This is why I decided to paint it. I got rid of the dusty blue and replaced it with a rather trendy yellow and grey and I’m in love with it. It took me a while to come up with the scheme and find the colours that I wanted and I am very proud of what I came up with and accomplished in the last week.

It was difficult to begin with as there was rather lots of things to move out and move around. However, things got easier as time went on. I began by washing the walls and sanding them down. That was pretty easy. However, when it came to putting the first coat of white on, that’s when things got messy. On the only exterior wall in the room, lots of the paint was ripped off. Don’t get me wrong, it was super aesthetically pleasing to peel off, but it was also very annoying as it also came off when I was putting the grey on. How fun.

The point that I’m trying to make about the re-decorating is the fact that it was a very positive experience for my mental health. Being able to decorate my room in a way that matched my emotions and doing it myself was very positive. I think that I used the grey and yellow to represent both the positivity and negativity that life can bring. So, no matter what mood I’m in, my bedroom will always match!

The people in my life

Anyway, back to the point of this whole blog, mental health. I have been able to spend a good few days with some important people in my life. Those people aren’t always my immediate family. My girlfriend and best friend are probably the most important for my mental health. When I’m with them, I feel really good about life and they both make me feel very positive. feel very welcome around them and their families and, to me, that is very special. Thank you to you both :).

Yugen – An emotional thought about the universe which triggers a response too comple to put into words.

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