Meet my inspiration

Recently I was having a conversation with one of my teachers about what I want to do with my life after University. Some of you might know that I have always wanted to be a teacher. Anyway, the teacher that I spoke to had a very interesting story explaining how he ended up in teaching. I found it fascinating and he agreed that I could write about it.

So, since he was young, sir wanted to be a Police Officer. It was a dream (like me with teaching). Once he was finally able to live his dream, he was disappointed by the fact that he turned out to hate it. However, he didn’t quit so soon. he stuck with it for 18 months to see if his opinion on the latter would change for him but unfortunately, they didn’t. He worked really hard for this job and was very concerned about where he would be left and what he would do after leaving the job.

After he left the Police, he was unfortunately out of work for 3 months due to not knowing which path to take for himself. His brother managed to get him a job at Travelex where he was able to earn some money while he was unsure of what he was doing. He also turned out to dislike this job too. How unlucky? He then got a new job at a sports centre which also didn’t turn out to be the job for him.

So, one day, he was searching for a new job and luckily stumbled across a teacher training opportunity at a secondary school. He attended the interview where the headmaster said that he wasn’t going to be given the position but they wanted to offer him something else. He then went into my secondary school as a teaching assistant where he would be trained working around students. He ended up really enjoying the job and progressed to the point where he is now an English teacher at the same school that he began as a teaching assistant. He works mostly with the students who need that little bit of extra support.

Since hearing his story, I have always found him inspirational. I have a dream I wish to fulfil but I can’t be certain if it will work out. Sir has made me realise that despite having a dream, it’s not what I have to do with my life. Sir was able to get a job in teaching without completing university. He didn’t stop pushing himself and working hard until he found a job that made him happy. Now he is an inspiration to many of the students that are lucky enough to have him as a teacher.

The point of this whole piece is to show that even if you’re not sure about what you’re doing at this moment in time, there is always a way to be doing something that you enjoy.

Thank you for inspiring me.

“It’s good to know what you want for the future, but it isn’t what you have to do for the rest of your life.”

Yugen – A deep thought about the universe which triggers an emotional response too deep to put into words.

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