My recent experience

At the beginning of the year, I made a post entitled ‘happy new year‘ and in said post, I spoke about what I will be doing this year to ensure that you guys have the best viewing experience and that I have the most efficient year. Basically, I’m going to be very busy with the posts and I’ll easily be doing 5 a month. You’re welcome ;). So, I just wanted you to know that before I continued.

Anyway, to where this story lies, I recently had a rather negative with a big public service within the UK. Usually, I wouldn’t talk about something like this as I believe that their services are very positive and should not be taken advantage of. However, when it comes to topics such as mental health, necessary steps need to be taken to ensure optimal care can be given.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had plenty of positive experiences with the NHS in the last 16 years of my life but I have no reason to disbelieve that this one will stick with me for a few years to come. Buckle your seatbelts ‘cus this is gonna be a long one.

Essentially, it all started way back in September when I left school halfway through the day because I simply couldn’t cope with myself. I found it really difficult to just get on with it and I had to leave. The stress was getting so bad to the point where it had turned physical and I had some really bad back pains. Later that day, I decided to book an appointment for a mental health assessment. During my relatively short appointment of just 5 minutes, I was told that I was too young for medication and he asked me to take a PHQ-9 assessment in which I scored a severe score. Basically, he told me that he was going to refer me to the Child development services at the city care centre. I didn’t hear anything for a little while until I finally received my appointment which wasn’t until the end of December. However, due to my stress levels and workload, I missed my appointment and I had to have another scheduled. I attended said appointment where I was directed to the wrong place. Brilliant. I was sat there for 45 minutes where I wouldn’t be seen.

Anyway, when I was finally taken to the right place, I was able to see my doctor where I went very in depth about my childhood and issues surrounding. Obviously, due to personal circumstances, I will not go into detail about what was said within that meeting. Anyway, it went rather well. I thought I was finally going to be able to get the help I needed and damn well deserved. Little did I know, this would all be taken away from me very very soon.

I was told to pick something up the next day after 4pm. I did as I was instructed and arrived at roughly 4:15PM. I didn’t receive what I was asked to collect. I left my number o my doctor could call me to explain. He did and it wasn’t good news . I was basically being carted off elsewhere as I was ‘too old’ for the child services despite only being 16 and I can see them until I’m 17. He then went on to make more fake promises by telling me that he would refer me elsewhere. he didn’t do this.

This is just a very basic outline of what went on in the last few months of my medical life as I don’t really want to disclose details due to my issues with anxiety and my low levels of confidence. So, it might not sound like an awful problem that has occurred but there’s more to it. It really isn’t easy which is why I feel like I need to talk about it and writing this today makes me feel better.

Yugen – A deep thought about the universe which triggers an emotional response too deep to put into words.

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