Happy New Years

Ooo, I know what you’re thinking… this is just another happy New Years post where I tell you all about what my 2018 was like and what I plan to do this year and what my resolutions are. To be perfectly honest with you… you’re right. But you’re also wrong. You’ll find out why soon enough.

So let’s begin. Last year, I achieved many things. I made many friends and I started a new chapter of my life… amazing. However, there were lots of things I did in-between. So, this year I achieved some of my biggest accomplishments, this blog being one of them. Believe it or not, I started Yugen way back in April, in just four months, this site will be a year old already. I can’t believe it. It is by far the best project I have started and that is why my first New Years resolution is to be uploading 5 times at least per month. You guys deserve it after all the reading you do :). The goal for the blog this year: 5000 new viewers. Let’s do this.

My second biggest achievement in 2018 was NCS. It was an achievement for my anxiety. I completed so much while I was away both physically and mentally. Meeting new people, raising money for charity and speaking to strangers. All of these things are situations that I struggle with, mostly because all of them involve me pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. However, I managed to push through and complete the program. I am now an NCS graduate and I have been hired by PUFC as an NCS representative. This means it is my job to talk to students considering to do the program but are yet to decide whether to go or not. Reed (the providers of the program) have also requested to write a case study on me all about my experience. So many opportunities have come out of this experience.

I also left my job as a waiter back in August. I was lucky enough to have been offered an interview for the biggest Swedish company: H&M. I was even luckier to have been offered the job. Since working for the company, I have been able to involve myself with a group that I would now class as my family, my colleagues. They’re all so very lovely and a pleasure to work with. I really couldn’t ask for a better team. Thanks to you all :).

The resolutions

Now, onto the resolutions. I mean, I haven’t really set many exclusive ones but these are the ones I’ve come up with.

  1. 5 posts minimum per month on Yugen – this blog means so so much to me and I need to be sure to keep it going.
  2. Waking up on time – this has been something I have always struggled with. I set an alarm for 6:15 and eventually roll out of bed for 6:45.
  3. To spend more time with those who mean most to me – I want to share as many memories with my girlfriend and friends as I can. They mean a lot to me.
  4. To have a more positive attitude on myself and those around me – this isn’t really one I thought I’d need to do but I think that it’s important to always improve the way you treat yourself and others.

Thank yous

I wish to say a huge thank you to all of my 3.7k readers, to my family, my friends, my girlfriend and my colleagues. You’ve all had a hugely positive impact on my life in the last 12 months and I am very excited to share the next 12 with you all by my side. I have tried so many new things in the last 365 days and I hope to try more in the next.

Here’s to 2019.

I love you all ❤️

Yugen – a thought about the universe which triggers an emotional response which is too deep to put into words.

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