I’m getting there!

Okay so I’m going through a little bit of a tough time at the moment. It’s not easy for me to be getting up every day going to school or work without having to think about my first heartbreak or how I suffer from loneliness but sometimes, I just have to figure out how to just get on with it. That’s a shame because everyone should be able to fix or sort out their own issues instead of having to face them everyday. However, life isn’t just this straightforward. Apparently, we have no choice but to suffer on through -which isn’t fair but what would life be if everyone was happy and positive all the time? I’m telling you – it would do my head in.

Anyway, I’ve even through a lot recently and it’s not been all that easy to face them and talk about them but it has slowly gotten easier over the last few days. Despite welding like utter crap recently, I’ve been able to get my head out of the water and be able to tell myself that enough is enough. I’ve been able to start doing more things with some friends and just being a little bit more me. I haven’t quite hit a point where I’m able to do whatever whenever because I want to but I can certainly do a little more than what I could four weeks ago. For me, this is brilliant. I also have loads of great people around me that actually want to go out and do something too! I’m getting there guys. I’m really proud.

Since I started my new job, I have made so many new friends and I have been able to learn who I am. It turns out that I’m actually a super bubbly and lovely guy that just wants to get on with everyone. On the outside, I might not seem like it but get to know me and you’re in for a surprise. A massive surprise. I can seriously be a great person and one that just wants to make sure everyone is okay before I am.

I’m really starting to get there. Friends, confidence even social interaction. I’m starting to understand how life works and how to be able to function in society without feeling like an outcast. I might not be the most liked person in the school or city or world but hey, who is? And, do they even like all the attention? Probably not. I mean, I wouldn’t like it if someone was attempting to get hold of me all day long and I would certainly hate it if I knew none of them. I would rather make a massive impact on a few peoples lives than a small one on lots. I believe it’s more meaningful.

Think about it. The next time you go to help someone, think of them to be a single person as a pose to a group. How much more effort do you go through for that one person. Is it significant? I hope so :).

Yugen – A thought about the universe which triggers an emotional response which is too deep to put into words.

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