We’ll figure out a name for this soon.

So, as I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been having difficulties with being able to keep up with studies, work and this blog. I love doing all three but unfortunately this blog comes bottom of that list for priority. Not because I don’t want to write on here but because I simply don’t always have the time to do it. There are some nights that I don’t finish work until half past eight and I usually begin writing for the blog at nine but I don’t have a big enough window to get home, write a post and get enough sleep to be able to wake up in time for school the next morning.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about how life can be more difficult in stressful situations. You’ve probably just read that and gone “well obviously” but, sometimes we don’t actually realise this until we’re in the moment or we never realise at all. It’s so bad for our health both mental and physical and can affect us in many different ways. I mean, this is quite an obvious thing to be talking about when you think about it but how many times have you sat back and thought about how the stress around you can be bad for you? Exactly. It doesn’t even have to be your stress either, confrontation causes stress for the parties involved along with the spectators too. I know I hate confrontation because of how much stress it causes me but I’ve never really realised how negative that might be for my health.

Basically, I learned that positive reinforcement is a good way to avoid stress. Again, another super obvious point but one that is actually really important. Avoiding stress can be done by using positive reinforcement and a pep talk this allows you to recognise the fact that you can relax during a situation that you might usually find stressful. For example, telling yourself that you are excited before you start something that could be uncomfortable for you to do. By telling yourself that you are excited, you are able to override the negative thoughts that could be coming to your mind but most importantly, you can actually enjoy something that you might not usually enjoy doing.

Okay, so the point that I’m attempting to make is that avoiding stress is perfectly possible. There are more ways of avoiding it but I like using the positive thinking technique because of how easy it is to be able to believe yourself – at least I find it easy to after a short period of time. You can destress in which ever way you like just remember that it’s possible to avoid the stress too.

Yugen – an emotional response about the universe which is too deep to put into words.

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