Vogue can go F*** Themselves – a poem

Lately I’ve been thinking

Thinking about how i wish my weight dropped as quickly as my mood and the thoughts in my mind.

My mind likes to torture me until i repeatedly tell myself that I’m not what people would call pretty.

Pretty is a hard thing to be. Certain height, certain weight, only certain hair colours are pretty and girls like me are left questioning..

Questioning why our genetics didnt make us that little bit taller or smarter

Smarter to realise that what society calls pretty and the strain it puts on people makes us sick

sick in the mind which in my opinion is the worst kind

kind is what you need to be to yourself, especially about your body image

image is important yes but whats more important is your sanity. Don’t lose it trying to destroy how beautiful you are.

Dont ever compare yourselves to people in beauty magazines or mens health magazines. you are perfect in your own magical way -K

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