Losing Someone

Whether you’ve lost an animal (pet) or a person with meaning in your life, the grieving process is very similar.  Recently, I lost a pet who was very precious in my life. His name was Jasper, you can learn more about Jasper in the following posts:

As you will discover in both these posts, Jasper was more of a friend to me than many of my human friends. This was mostly because I was more able to relate to the way that Jasper displayed his mental health.

When Jasper ran away, I discovered that this was his way of taking a break from everything was by running away for a few days and coming back once he felt like he was well. This is why I was more able to link with Jasper than others.

The grieving process

As many of you might know, we had to have Jasper put to rest. This was the single scariest point of my life. The wait in the waiting area before the inevitable happened was tough but we were all there with him every step of the way and we even stayed with him to say goodbye after he was put to rest.

Personally, the loss of Jasper hit me hard immediately, I left the vet sobbing and had to take time out to go for a walk. I was scared and lonely, it’s an upsetting thought to know that you will never see someone that has been in your life every day for a long period of time.

To this day, I’m still upset about losing my first pet (Whiskers). There will never be a time in life where I won’t miss all of them but I know they’re all in better places which makes me feel better about the situation.

For the last few days, I haven’t stopped thinking about him. He’s constantly on my mind and the fact that this is the case worries me. I need to find time to distract myself. For the first time in forever, I have had a full week of things to do and it makes me feel really good about myself.

My advice: don’t stop doing what you’re doing. Would the person or animal that you’ve lost want you to stop? Most likely not, it’s hard but you have to remain strong. It’s normal to be upset and to worry but pushing through is the best thing that you can do.

Why I’m lucky

In my life, I have only lost one family member whom I was close to. I might have lost a total of four pets but I’m glad that the ones that I have lost weren’t in any pain when they did. It fills me with relief to know how lucky I am to still have all my family together who are all healthy (touch wood). Some families aren’t this lucky and I’m grateful that I am one of the lucky ones. Every day, I wonder why me and my family but sometimes I can’t be more thankful.

Yugen – An emotional response to the universe too deep to put into words.


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