My Feline Friend (Part 2)

It is with regret that I wish to inform you all that the cat featured in the first part of my feline friend (Jasper) was, unfortunately, put down yesterday after suffering a long line of complex illnesses. It all happened really quickly.  Over the course of last week, I watched him depreciate. It all started when he went off his food. He was still drinking but we believed that the hot weather was getting him down. It got to the point where he became so weak to the point where he just laid down all week long and even the sound of a book hitting the floor didn’t cause him to move.

Once we were finally able to get him into the vets, we discovered that it was too late to save him. I saw him lying on the table, lifeless and I honestly didn’t recognise him. His fur was completely discolored along with his eyes and teeth. I felt as if everything was my fault and there was nothing I could do to save him. I had come straight from work meaning I already didn’t feel too good about my day. Once I arrived, they were all set to go. We only had a few minutes left to say our goodbyes. The memories with him began to flash before me and it wasn’t until that moment I realised how many there were. I became really overwhelmed and had no choice but to leave the room. I went back in once the vet was ready and I’m glad I did.

Once I did, I got to spend the last few minutes of my cat’s life with him. I stayed in there with him and he looked at all of us when it happened. Unfortunately, he was completely aware of what was going on and looked panicked. This was the worst part about the whole thing. Once we had confirmation that he had gone, we said our final goodbyes and didn’t leave with him.

Jasper’s link to mental health

In part one, we learned that Jasper ran away and gave us the sign that he was having issues with himself. We analysed that Jasper running away was a way of him taking a break from it all and he came back when he felt like he was ready to. Unfortunately, this time it got the better of him. He stopped taking care of himself and I believe that it was the sign of him giving up on himself. I also believe that Jasper was suffering from loneliness because of how distant he became towards all of us.

Jasper came to us as a feral cat and some cats are unfortunately born to be feral. Sometimes, I believe that he should have remained that way because he was there for a reason but I loved him too much to admit it.

I need to stop writing about all this before it gets too much. RIP Jasper, I’ll always be with you buddy.

Yugen – An emotional response about the world too deep for words.



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