I got snowflakes for my birthday – a poem

whats on your mind today?

nothing. literally nothing

these snow clouds outside are in my head too

clouding every possible thought

freezing it

and dusting it with snow so i cannot see it

are you enjoying your birthday?

i forget that its today

it doesn’t feel like a birthday

just another day

where i can’t think straight

and i just want to stay in bed

i feel good when i have company

but when i’m alone

it punches me in the chest

through the chest.

I’m alone on my birthday.

what a great way to feel

on one of the two days a year that’s meant to make you feel on top of the world.

but instead its cold and grey and icy

both inside and out.

I hope you dont mind me sharing this here, but i think its finally time to share them.



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