Today was a massive through the roof anxiety day. I went to my first induction day and it was scary to think about. I’ve been worried about it for a little while because I knew that I would have had to meet new places and go somewhere new. We all know that the word “new” scares me because of how it implies the unexpected and I don’t like not knowing what I’m going into.

The day went really well though! I met some amazing new people and I was lucky that none of the people I spoke to seem to be arseholes. It looks like I’ve set myself up nicely for September and that has really put my mind at ease. I’m really thankful for this.

Basically, I had to try out 3 lessons in the subjects that I will be studying next year. These are:

  • Media Studies
  • Film Studies
  • English Literature and Language

I love all of these subjects because you can really get involved with them! You don’t just sit there and write the essay but you get to talk about all the subjects surrounding what you need to talk about. If you know me, you might know that I love engaging in conversations and I can delve in deeper into a subject that I am really passionate about. I could talk about the media all day long!

The lessons

So, lesson one was Media ❤️. Brilliant! I love media! I was in my element here. We were using the idea of the unknown to talk about what is fake and what is real. Now, I don’t know how I feel about the unknown because I don’t know what it is (shock). Anyway, we went through loads of things we KNEW existed and a few we KNEW didn’t. Then we started talking about how we know something is real. The media states through mediation that the only things that are real are things we have physically seen.

Lesson 2 was film studies. I’ve never tried film studies before but I figured that if I want to study it at university then I might have to study it. This lesson was really interesting. We watched a short film called “Telling Lies.” The film consisted of no actors apart from voice actors. Everything that they were saying appeared on screen unless they were thinking something different. So, if they wanted to say something else, it would display what they were actually thinking. It was weird but really cool!

The last lesson was my English lesson and it was so interesting. This is when we discovered that the step up from year 11 to 12 was massive. I found out that it will be really hard but totally worth it and I can’t wait to get started. It has been my dream to learn about language because I am intrigued to know why writers use the methods that they do.

Overall, I had an amazing day and it was really useful for me to go. I met some amazing people and finally realised that I am so excited to get started on the next stage in my life.

Yugen – An emotional response about the world too deep to put into words.

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