It’s been a long day. You had an encounter today where you just suddenly felt really strange. There was a tingling sensation in your stomach and you kind of felt as if you couldn’t move. You began to tremble and words just fell out of your mouth. You were dreading what you were about to do and you have been for weeks. The moment has come but you can’t go through with it, but why?!

When you’re in a situation like the one above, your body floods with adrenaline. This means that factors like your heart and breathing rates begin to increase and you struggle to control them. You feel like you’re being prepared for a fight or flight situation but you can’t move from that all important spot. You know, the one that’s keeping you for going completely overboard and crazy. That all important spot is the thing that is between you and accomplishing the very thing you want to absolutely smash! Move out of that spot and try to push on through.

There are many things in life that can make us nervous, such as:

  • Results – these could be medical or exam either way it can be very scary to find out what you got because it could decide your future.
  • New job – Even though you’ve done the hard part and got the job, well done! You still need to start and get used to the new environment, the worry of getting something wrong can be terrifying!
  • Interviews – This could be an interview for a new job or a place at a college or university. The interviewer will judge you based on your confidence which can be daunting.

Being nervous can lead to more frightening events such as a panic attack. Don’t worry, there are ways to get through these. In the event of a panic attack, you should refer to the ‘square breathing exercise. I’ve spoken about this in another post but I’m not sure which one. I’ll find out and link it here.

Anyway, the square breathing exercise has four stages (just like a square has 4 sides!) you take time to inhale, hold, and exhale. It’s a good exercise because it forces the breathing rate to reduce to normal. This decreases the amount of adrenaline present in the body and your levels return to normal.

There have been times where I have felt nervous. But I think the most nervous I’ve been is right now! In just under 2 months I’ll be receiving my GCSE results. These results will decided whether I can get into my dream sixth form. I have my life planned out and I want it to come true. I’m super scared to get these results.

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