Trying New Things.

For many years, I was terrified of trying anything new; new foods, new activities, even going to new places. Anything that seemed irregular or out of routine for me often scared me to the point of crying. But then I came to realise something. A Family member would always say to me “Whats the worst that can happen?” If I tried a new food my nose wouldn’t fall off, all that would happen is me not liking said food. If I tried a new activity I wasn’t going to be chased by a mass murderer if I didn’t enjoy it, I just wouldn’t have to do it again. I was shown that I had nothing to be scared of.

The only thing to fear is fear itself

I understand that people can’t control what they are scared of, but sometimes our minds create fears for the irrational. My fear of trying new things was more of a fear of consequences, always thinking the worst if I didn’t enjoy the new thing. But then I came to terms with my fear and I told myself that it was irrational and that it was holding me back from so many amazing things, and now I find myself telling people to go for it when something new comes their way. Once you learn that it’s okay to be nervous about something new but it’s too much to be scared of it, that is when you can start bringing yourself forward.

Every day is a new day

Sometimes we have to face something new almost every day. How we might tackle a presentation, try something new for lunch or maybe even starting a new job. By always approaching these new things we can give our minds and souls the biggest portfolio of experiences, making it easier for us to tackle situations in the future. Similar to how the immune system works, learning how to counter a problem a first time so that it becomes faster and easier the next time around, learning from mistakes. New things aren’t there to scare us they mean to help us.


I know sometimes its scary, pushing yourself into a new situation. But isn’t it always the best feeling once you’ve done it. The confidence, the adrenaline, the satisfaction. Everyone gets scared and nervous, but sometimes you just have to push past that fear and remember you are bigger and stronger than this new situation and you can get through this stage, level up and have more experience points to get you through the next one. In the words of an annoyingly catchy song, “life is like a video game” and you hold the high score.


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Trying New Things

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