Why adopt an older cat?

So, recently there have been quite a few posts about cats. As you may be able to realise, I’m a little mad about cats. They are my favourite house pets and I’ve grown up with them. Anyway, I’m trying to raise awareness for all the cats who are ferral or abandoned. All cats deserve their own loving homes.

The Older Cats

Anyway, let me get to the point. Older cats can be lots of fun believe it or not. The moments where they start playing and running around the house are far more special than those of kittens. The older cats are also fantastic for company and make really good companions. They are all super cuddly because they have little to do with themselves.

The cats that enjoy spending time with their owners help their owners and their families with their levels of stress and anxiety. People who feel lonely are also helped by their cats because of how much the older cats enjoy to sit and cuddle with their owners. Owners feel less lonely because they are aware that they have an animal by their side which can make them feel loved and wanted.

What Makes Them Special?

Their memeories are more special because it’s seen to be unnatural for them to do anything more than sleep. I think that the most important things about the older cats is the fact that there is no need to worry about them once you are out or at work. This really helps the owners to relax because they know that their friendly felines are a-ok.

All cats deserve a loving home no matter their pasts. You would be deviststed if someone turned you down because you were older than the rest of them so why is it any different for the cats? Older cats are easily over looked by the cuter, younger kittens despite their personallity features which are more difficult to discover. Perhaps this is why there is a lack of interest in them.

My Story

So, my family adopted Henry and Lucy from a charity back in 2013. The day they arrived was honestly magical. It was one of the best days of my life. Henry and Lucy were both 13 years old when they arrived. I was 11 at the time and I was having a really rough day. It was amazing to see my new pets. The moment I saw them, I fell in love!

Over the next 4 years of their lives it was an amazing adventure. There were moments I will play over and over for a very long time because of how precious they are in my life. I shared some fantastic memories with them. For the first few days, they would not eat and they were clearly very nervous but we were very good at bringing them round. After these days we shared some extraordinary memories. They were very cuddly and sweet, they helped me through some of my toughest times.

Unfortunately, Henry passed away from mouth cancer back in September of 2016. This month was quite possibly the worst of my life. It was when I suffered from ‘my first heartbreak‘ Lucy and all my other cats were amazing at helping me through this. I can’t describe how tough life got after this time and my cats helped me so much. I don’t know where I’d be without them.

Overall, the older cats are just as good as those cute little furballs and should NEVER be overlooked.

Yugen – An emotional thought about the universe too deep to put into words.

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