1,000,000 Reasons Why

Hi Friends,

Today I have been asked to share a message from my sister Beth who wishes to send out her message about her project. As you may have gathered by the name, she is coming up with one million reasons why to stay alive. There are lots of reasons in this world to be the people we want to be and accomplish the dreams we aspire to achieve and Beth is helping us do exactly that!

In some of our most desperate times, life seems utterly hopeless, as though there is no point in getting out of bed. Not being able to find a reason to live your day to day life is a challenging and exhausting way to exist. Three years ago I was sitting with my friend and said ‘i want to do something to make people smile, a long and ongoing project.’ After much deliberation, I decided to create 1000000reasonswhy on Instagram – a project dedicated to posting things that people should be thankful for. Inspired by the likes of youtube creators Dodie Clark and Thomas Sanders and author Matt Haig. At one point, I had 12,000 followers but have since been hacked twice. I refuse to give up on the project because I know it brings joy to people. Not only that, it brings joy to me too, it gives me worth.

To make each post I first must think of the reason (currently holding a list of 76,000 reasons this is no issue) I then write it down on some paper so that I don’t lose it. Next, it goes onto a number ordered word document and then into a notebook. From the notebook, I will look through Google to find a fitting image for the post and download it, use an app to make the photo a square and then put the reason number in the top left and the reason ‘name’ in the middle. Sounds like a lot of work but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 20.47.26

By creating the project, watching it grow I have learned to appreciate the little things. The way the birds sing in the morning, the sound of my mum talking to her cat, the way the fair looks in the distance, the roar of an excited crowd, the way the icing looks on party rings, walking in gentle rain, the feeling of biking down a hill and so so many more.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that no matter what, no matter how low and how close to rock bottom you feel there is ALWAYS something to look out for and appreciate. Get excited about new music, or a tour that’s coming up even if you can’t go. Get excited when your favorite celebrity tweets and don’t let anyone tell you that your happiness is stupid.

There is always a reason to keep going. Keep living, keep laughing, keep loving. You’re doing great, Beth

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