Your friendly neighbourhood cat rescue


Today I wish to share my experiences with a local charity in my area. They have impacted my life incredibly. Over the last year, my family and I have fostered and re-homed over 50 cats. This has been an incredible adventure and here’s how you can get involved.

Peterborough Cat Rescue

Established in Peterborough, the charity specialises in rescuing abandoned and feral cats. These cats are then checked over by the vets before they are taken to a temporary loving home. Once they arrive at their foster home, they are specially taken care of. They are fed well and kept very warm in a crate so they can get to know their new environment. If they get to a point where they are confident and loving they are allowed out of the crate to roam the house.

Rest assured, all cats that come into the charity are very well taken care of. In fact, the fosters have a huge impact on their lives as they have the ability to improve the quality of life for the cats. In fact, here is a picture of Jasper who came in form PCR. You can read more about him in “My Feline Friend

However, the cats also have the ability to improve quality of life for us, humans, too! Studies show that people or families who live with pets live better lives because it is seen to be that they are less lonely. Having a companion who is trustworthy means that humans are able to talk about their issues in lives without feeling as if they’ve just told a complete stranger.

The best thing about the fostering is how the cats are taken into a new home where they’re treated like royals by their temporary owners and at the end of the experience, they go their forever family where they will hopefully spend the rest of their lives living the same quality of life. This means that the fosters have the reward of bringing the cats to a point where they have the ability to live and socialise properly with their families.

How can you help the charity?

There are so many ways you can get involved with this incredible charity. Here are just a few:

  1. FOSTERING – PCR is always looking for new people to take extra special care of these well deserving cats. There are so many reasons to foster one of them being that most of the time you are provided with all the equipment you need to assist your cats.
  2. VOLUNTEERING – PCR also looks for people who are willing to give up 2 hours of their time on the weekend to run the tombola or help set up a fundraising event.
  3. AMAZON WISHLIST – You’ve probably heard of these, Amazon is a UK based online warehouse where you can buy all sorts of products. The charity has one set up here: Here, you can find all the products the charity are in need of. There are some only listed for a few pounds but have a big impact on what they do. Please consider having a look.

There are many more ways you can get involved with this incredible charity. Please head over to their FaceBook page to get in contact with the team.

This charity is insanely deserving of all the support they can get. They rely entirely on donations so please consider giving up some spare time or cash to help a cat’s life!

FaceBook Page:


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