My Feline Friend 🙂

Today I’m going to be talking about someone who has had an impact in my life. Jasper was one of our very first foster cats who arrived as a stray and semi-feral back in February of 2017. When he arrived, he was a mess. He wouldn’t eat and he wouldn’t allow us to pick him up or even touch him. It took us the best part of six months before we were even able to touch him. It was so upsetting as he looked like he was meant to be a loving home cat.

When he allowed us to touch him, it was only on his terms; for a few seconds and only the back! It was really sad because he is so soft and innocent. He’s the sort of cat that you would want to pick up and hug. He’s such a loveable character who is very deserving of what he wants.

Six months on

One day, something incredible happened and Jasper was basically a different cat. It was amazing! He was really wanting fuss and attention. We even bought him out of the crate to take him around the house and he loved it!

Jasper’s drastic change made me realise that anything is possible. That even if there is a point in your life where you feel so low to the point where you don’t want to eat, there IS still hope! There are many ways a person is able to bring themselves back up to the top even after a slump.

Despite Jasper being really well behaved after these times, we did have to put him back in the crate from time to time because he wasn’t quite there. He kept biting, hissing and scratching both us and the other cats. Obviously, this wasn’t tolerated hence why he was put back in the crate. It was sad but it had to be done and it was a good job that it was!

Jasper’s Adventure

Not too long ago, Jasper decided to head out on an adventure. He went outside and in a split second he ran off and we didn’t find him until 3 days later. He had to be trapped in the end. He had managed to open the back door and get out. In doing this, he retired to his stray/feral self. It was like he was a different cat.

Jaspers mysterious disappearance was devastating for us all. Despite his return, it was obvious that there had been an impact. It made me realise that in life, there will be times where we wish to run from our thoughts and minds or even the day-to-day. Most of us do this by going on holiday and pretending that we no longer suffer from the issues. The point is, we need a few days in life to escape our problems and this is the way Jasper decided to do it.


Jasper is a really good boy. He’s one of 11 meaning that he has to put up with many others but he is quite content with any other cat or human. There are still parts of him that will upset him but we understand why.

I thought it was important to share jaspers story because it showed me in life that there will be a time where we feel ultimately low but there is always a way up. There will also be a time when we hit that low again but we will get back up. I’ve been there and so has Jasper.

You can do it!


5 thoughts on “My Feline Friend 🙂

    1. Oh that’s fantastic! Absolutely made my day thanks Anne. Cats are a huge part of my life and it’s good to know that those two are doing well, hope you guys are too xx


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