Life goes on…

So, recently, I’ve been feeling stressed. This is for many reasons but mostly because of exams. There have been moments where I have been so stressed out and nervous that I wasn’t too sure what I was meant to do with myself. In fact, I had just finished an exam and it didn’t go too well. I was also wearing a new jacket that lots of people clearly didn’t like but I did so I tried not to care. Deep down, I was crying inside. That exam was awful and I felt as if everyone was staring at me and the fact that I was in a large crowd really didn’t help.

Here are a few things that I used to help myself in that situation:

  1. I was talking to myself – Now, this will seem ridiculous but it’s true. I was trying to convince myself that everything would be okay. Attempting to say that I still had 2 exams to make it back upon. It was annoying and it made me look like an idiot but I kind of felt unstoppable. I was wearing what I wanted and I began to calm down as the crowd became smaller.
  2. I was attempting to calm myself – Slowing my breathing and tapping my leg. These were great ways for me because it is the way I like to calm myself down. The tapping on my leg is something that I seemed to have begun when I was about 10. It makes me think that someone is there and they want my attention. The breathing is useful because slowing it down allows my body to slow down at the same rate meaning I can concentrate.
  3. I had planned what I was going to do – I was heading straight to my locker to get my stuff and go home. This was effective because it was a simple yet amazing strategy. It was so good because it meant I could storm through that crowd without showing how I felt I was breathing and tapping away and for once, I felt a-ok. I stuck to my plan and I was ready to leave. Make sure that your plan is quick and effective as this is the best way to get through it. Is it fight or flight?
  4.  I wrote about the event – This was one that I didn’t post because I was too worried about it and I hadn’t quite come to terms with who I was. I have now but I’m not sure that I’m ready to share. Writing things down is useful because you can look back on it and realise how far you have come. You may have pages to write one day and a paragraph to write next month. This shows that you’ve improved! Well done!

The situations themselves

There will be days that are better than others. The days that aren’t good will stick with you more than the ones that are You just need to have the strength and courage to convince yourself that you can do it! Because you can! You might not feel like you can but, there will be a time where you can – I promise.

When you see yourself in a stressful situation, use the tips above and some of your own to get through it. Use the best ones you can find, the ones that suit you best to get through it.

Yugen – An emotional response about the world too deep for words.

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How To Deal With Anxiety Disorders And Gain Peace

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