Social Pressure

When I was younger, People made me feel guilty for not trying new, dangerous things but I was wiser than most of them. They took the mick and made fun because they didn’t like the fact that I was responsible. Those people are now in their last year of school and aren’t doing very well for themselves – shame :D.

What is Social Pressure?

Social pressure is very similar to Peer Pressure. It’s when there is a direct influence on people done by others. There is a very negative effect on the individual as they are encouraged to follow their peers by changing their attitudes, behavior or values to be like the ones in the group of the ones that are pressuring them.

How is it caused?

Peer pressure and social pressure are caused mostly by people who believe that everyone should be like them. They believe that behavior which is seen as daring or morally wrong is actually okay because it’s “cool.” This is completely insane because their behavior can often put themselves or others in danger.

People who feel pressured to do things that they are being told to do, often do it either out of fear or because they are worried about looking cool or becoming liked and popular. Unfortunately, looking cool is often a worry for teenagers because a lot of them desire to be like the one that people look up to because of their popularity, abilities or even the fact that they find it easier to attract the opposite sex. This is insane! Peer pressure is about forcing someone to do something that they don’t want to do. The fact that the reasons we end up doing it are for popularity reasons, is ridiculous!

What can the results of peer pressure cause?

Peer pressure has negative effects on bother the person carrying out the task and the person who makes them do it. These consequences cause:

  • Increased levels of worry, stress or anxiety
  • Behavioral issues – getting into trouble for the actions
  • Wrong crowd involvement
  • Possible involvement with the police
  • Possible jeopardised future

These issues can be applied to both people who are involved in the peer and social pressure. Students feel that they won’t have consequences purely because they don’t take time to stop and think about what they’re doing. For example, a person who has been forced to play “chicken” may not think about the driver or their safety. If they were to do it whilst a driver wasn’t looking, they could be hit and could cause emotional damage to the driver.

So, why do people listen?

Like I said before, the people who are pressured believe that it is cool because they are listening to the ones who “know best.” I.e. the popular ones. Some people do it because they worry about what other people might think of them if they don’t do it. Others do it to be daring or just because they’re just curious. No matter what they do it will cause a massive negative impact on their near-future lives.


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