What is it?

Safe is an eight-part drama which has recently been featured on Netflix. The show discusses many issues which aren’t always easily noticed or recognised in today’s society. Issues such as:

  • Murder
  • Kidnapping
  • Troubled relationships
  • Older relationships

All of these issues along with others are spoken about in the series. They are portrayed in such a way that a younger teen audience is able to understand them despite the show not being explicitly aimed at them.

The plot

*If you haven’t seen the show you might not want to read this bit if you plan on watching it*

In basic terms, a girl called Jenny and a boy called Chris attend a party. Neither of them returns home. Chris’ parents are less worried than Jenny’s dad due to the fact that Chris leaves the house for long periods of time more often than not and because he is 19 and therefore a ‘man.’ Later on, we discover that Chris’ body was found in the pool at the house where the party was hosted. Later, we find out that Chris was in fact murdered after a fight between him and someone else in the pool. The show then contains lots of possible plot twists that eventually come to a dead end. Jenny’s dad must put his career behind him to find his beloved daughter but… will he find her alive?

Like I said, the show deals with many sensitive topics which are all portrayed quite graphically and most of them end up coming out in a much lighter manner than they went in at.

How is emotion related?

Once Tom discovers that his daughter is missing, he turns into an emotional wreck and unlocks a chest of secrets about his deceased wife and gated community. Tom and others are differently affected by the disappearance of Jenny and Chris but most characters show their emotion through the events that occurred the night of the party. We go on an adventure with all the characters and discover the stories of parents and those at the party. This means that as more secrets are discovered, more emotion is shown.

Yugen – An emotional response about the world too deep for words.

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