Turning over a new leaf

Recently I’ve been thinking about what September brings. September marks a new academic year; some people will move from secondary school to college, others move up to university or even full-time work. It brings in the perfect opportunity to start afresh.

Embrace new opportunities

Turning over a new leaf is almost like giving yourself a new identity. As I leave for university I’m faced with moving to a new city and making new friends but in this process, I can also embrace an opportunity to make some new lifestyle choices. Now I’m not saying I’m going to do the cliche student thing of hitting the gym (my cardio physically will not allow it) but I can be healthier by letting myself be happier and I have found so many ways to do that.

Ways to start afresh

There are countless ways to start afresh whether they are long term or short term. Anything from perfecting an evening/ morning routine, getting more organised or eating better is starting afresh and you don’t have to wait for a new year or a new school year to do it. You can start whenever and with whatever suits you, you can start tonight, tomorrow, next week and even then you can start instantly or ease yourself into it.


I know its a scary thought, doing something new. Maybe you’re worried you wont settle or stick with it but if you aspire to do something and put your heart to it you can do anything, from getting into the habit of drinking more water in a day or going off to a new place and meeting new people. You can do anything to turn over a new leaf and become a better you, and its okay if you don’t quite believe it yourself becauseĀ I believe in you.


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