GCSEs so far

My experience

So far, I have sat a total of 6 exams. Not all of them have been great and not all of them have been bad but I have tried my damned hardest and I’m very proud of myself for that. The best part about all of the daunting exams is knowing that at the end I have a huge summer and I will be going to the experience¬†of a lifetime and I think it will do me the world of good to get out there and know that I am giving back to my community at the end of it all.

The rest of the ride is going to be bumpy but I am now aware that it will be so worth it. I am so excited to for it all be over and get to a life where I can finally be myself and be the person I want to be while studying what I want to study.

There have been times where I have left the hall really upset but I’ve been able to channel my feelings and make myself aware that I’ve done all I could and I am now unable to change it. However, there have also been times where I have been very happy with how my exam went, I’m able to leave my seat again knowing that I did everything I could and I feel good about it!

GCSEs in general

Over the last 25 years, the way that GCSEs have been examined has changed drastically. Just a few years ago, coursework was used in almost every subject. This coursework would give students a massive boost in their exam as it would mean that they had a majority of their grade to fall back on in the case that they didn’t do very well in their exam. Unfortunately, due to malpractice coursework was basically completely wiped out and it basically no longer exists.

Ultimately, this means that students have 100% exam based courses meaning that students become more stressed out in the respect that they have put in so much more effort into a topic that might not even turn up in their exam.

Recently, there has been upset caused by some of the new spec GCSE exams due to the huge topics that failed to show their faces in the paper. This led to many students feeling entirely stressed out because of the fact that they won’t know how they have done until their results day and because they aren’t always familiar with the topics that show up due to some curve balls that exam boards enjoy throwing into the exams.

Honestly, I believe that in the near future students will be entirely overworked because of the way the exams seem to be heading. It’s a shame that students are put under this much pressure because they would be able to show what they can really achieve in their coursework.

To conclude

Exams and GCSEs have changed and they will change in the future but, the way that students are taught will adapt to this change. Remember:

“The harder you try, the more likely you are to succeed.” – Louie Salmon

Keep at it because you’re doing well – you’ve got this!

Yugen – An emotional response about the world too deep for words.

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