Losing your property

The things that belong to us have a special meaning to us because they belong to us. Whether we have purchased them or acquired them or even been given them, they mean something to us because we have the ability to say that it belongs to us. When we lose something that has more significant meaning to us than something else, it can often be worrying, scary or even heartbreaking. Sometimes, I believe that we take for granted the things that we have as for some reason the day we lose them they often have more meaning to us than ever before.

My Story

Believe it or not, this happened yesterday. I had left work ready to make my way back home when I had realised that I was carrying too much for me to handle. I pulled over onto a bench where I put all of my stuff down to get myself sorted. I put everything I needed in my bag and picked up my coat and moved on with my life. Roughly 5-7 minutes later, I went to reach for my phone and… it wasn’t there. My heart DROPPED! Now, my phone has a special meaning to me because of the fact that most of my blog is on it and it is where all of you lot are when I want to write a post. Losing it for me would have been a disaster.

I was so lucky to have realised only a few minutes later as I was quickly able to run back to the place where I had last seen my phone (on the bench). I was running like I had never run before in my life (I really enjoy running). But I was attempting to keep calm as I knew that I was going to find it. Anyway, I reached the bench and… It wasn’t there. Luckily, the place where I work was just opposite this bench. I decided to use the phone at work before realising that my Father was with me at the time. My Dad was amazing and he called my phone. A lovely lady picked up telling me that she had found my phone on the exact bench that I was stood at. I was SO pleased! I was going to get my phone back and meet someone who was legitimate in this world to happily hand back an iPhone X to someone who might not have even been the owner.

The moral of the story is that there are going to be loads of nasty people in the world who just want to borrow, beg, steal, or barter. But, there are also those who are still very nice and will help you out the best they can. The woman and her partner were already on their way to the police station to hand my phone in. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better, nicer person to pick up my phone for me. I wish I could have thanked her better.

I’m sure she won’t be but if she is reading this, Thank You! From the bottom of my heart!

Yugen – An emotional response about the universe too deep for words.

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