Riverdale is a show on Netflix which is aimed at teens. It consists of 2 series which currently has 34 chapters. The show covers many themes which are also aimed at teenagers as they are widely recognised by the younger generation. The themes portrayed in the show could seem quite mature but you will be surprised how many of these themes are experienced by teens in this day and age. The show contains lots of violence and sensual romance which suggests that it is aimed at the older teenagers. Netflix is very successful in presenting the show so it is suitable for the younger teens while still being able to drop big hints and give the audience a clear view of what is going on.

Riverdale is about a group of high school students who are shaken by the death of Jason Blossom. In the group, they unveil all of the secrets behind the very mysterious of their classmate. With teen romance, steamy hot tubs and heartfelt rage, Riverdale is a very different surprise which could have the whole of the Netflix fandom talking.


Riverdale was deliberately aimed at teens due to the growing population of teens using the service. Astonishingly, the series one finale of the show hit a record-breaking 2.3 million views. This is insane! The show exploded Netflix upon 500% of a growing population of teenagers. The show did amazingly well in the first series and is continuing to do well throughout the second series.

Netflix viewers are mostly males aged between 18-24. This means that aiming Riverdale at the older teenagers was an extremely good idea! The Netflix viewers are mostly left on the scale of politics and on average have between £125 and £499 of monthly spare cash. This shows that they don’t have much to go out and do something new on a daily basis meaning they are the best target for the show.

The Impact on teens

In Riverdale, there are lots of characters and themes that are relatable to teens and young adults. This is great for them as they are more aware of what goes on in schools and could even show them that it’s perfectly normal for them to think the same way that some of the characters do. This is in the view that some of the characters are very smart or enjoy to help others out. This is baring in mind that Archie Jones set up the ‘red circle’ to take down the ‘black hood’. Audiences are aware that he did this because he was concerned for the safety of residents in the town as Miss Grundy (Archie’s former lover) was killed by the black hood during series one.

The theme of violence is seen a lot in the show. This could have been done by Netflix to show that students who are transitioning from high school to the real world will face problems in this life. It could be used to suggest the fact that they will encounter conflict in their minds and will have to battle this every day – often for the safety of themselves and loved ones.

What are you waiting for?

If you haven’t seen it already, I would highly suggest that you go and watch it as it is an action-packed, thrilling drama which is definitely worth the watch.

Yugen – An emotional response about the universe too deep for words.


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