Self-confidence vs Narcissism.

You have confidence. Brilliant! Honestly, that’s fantastic! In the 21st century, it is statistically more difficult to have self-confidence due to the forever changing stereotypes and expectations that the young generation are expected to follow by their peers. Unfortunately, due to these factors. Students find it either hard or easy to gain self-belief. This means that lots of teenagers hang their heads in shame because they believe that they can’t fit in with their desired crowd. This is insane! Students shouldn’t be led to believe that they can’t be confident because they don’t like football.

On the other hand, you have the group of students that seem to battle through life completely carefree. Most of these people are narcissistic. This is because they are totally overconfident. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to be confident but there is a very fine line between confidence and overconfidence. Often, the students that are overconfident, make others feel pressurised due to the fact that they not only don’t care about people’s opinions but they can quite easily shut these people down. Thankfully, people with sense are able to see that a lot of these guys are bigots and don’t actually have much confidence as they make out they do.

If you’re a confident person – use it for good! Try and pull someone along and allow them to make themselves a better, more confident and engaged person. This could really help someone be that person they so desire to be but can’t due to the factors of the crowd around them. Try and involve this person in a new activity that you might like. You never know, you could form a friendship. Even by smiling at someone new, it could allow their day to brighten up and make them feel a slight bit more optimistic about the day ahead of them.

Don’t be someone that rubs it in peoples faces to try and impress a girl. I mean let’s face it, you’re just making yourself look like a massive fool because, at the end of the day, you’re no cooler than an ice cream cone. Direct someone instead of throwing yourself in front of them. Before you embarrass someone by yelling something completely idiotic and irrelevant because you think it’s funny, how about you try and think about either consequences or someone else’s thought process. You might understand what it’s like to feel low or intimidated.

If you are confident, you can really allow yourself to feel good. Make yourself known but not so much that you show off about it. You can use your new found feature to help a person out of their safety shell and into the wide world. Guiding someone could allow them to be a better person with you. It’s the domino effect and you have the ability to start it – do it!

Yugen – An awareness of the universe which triggers an emotional thought too deep for words.

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