Exams stress me out…

Over the last 20 years, student life has changed dramatically. Students are statistically becoming more and more stressed due to the increase in the amount of work they are having to complete to achieve their desired grades. 5 years ago, students would have gathered nearly half of their grade from coursework. This meant that they would be able to complete work that could be checked by a teacher before it was marked. Anyway, the fact is that students no longer have this privilege and 100% of their grade is from a single exam. This can be stressful so here are some helpful tips to help you push through exam season.

  1. “I’m too stressed out to relax” – As important as exams and grades are, it is more important that you keep your mental health stable. You must relax in order to be able to make it through the season. Spend some time with some friends or do some physical activities to help yourself feel good.
  2. Run – Running is so good for the body and mind. It keeps you fit and allows you to put your mind at ease in such a hectic time period. Running just once a week could help you to become a little healthier at an important time like exam season. Try not to overdo it as this could result in injury or tiredness – this would leave you at a disadvantage during an exam.
  3.  Have a ‘friends only’ BBQ – As an older teen, you are starting to gain some more freedom in the world, make the most of it before exams close in. Go to a local nature reserve, set up a BBQ and play some sports. In my opinion, this is a great way to not only make some memories but also a good way to relax and forget about those exams.

Be careful when it comes to taking a break because they can easily last too long. Attempt to do an hour of solid revision and take a 20-minute power break between. Repeat this a few times throughout the day and you will be on the road to a successful revision process. If you decide to take a day off, be sure that it will only last a day. Attempt to ease yourself in the next day by only doing an hour or two. This will really allow you to not overload yourself.

So, after all the hard work, the big day has arrived and you don’t feel ready. Believe me, if you’ve revised and put all the effort in that you can. You are. On the day, you should spend the moments leading up to the exam looking over some of your notes. Make sure that you are looking at ones that you know well. This will make you feel better because you are familiar with what you are seeing. If you look at something new, you will stress yourself out. You could also try other things to help before the exam:

  • Listening to music
  • Eating and drinking enough to keep you going
  • remember to tell yourself that you’ve done enough to prepare

By using these tips and your own, you should be able to walk into the hall with your head held high and ultimately – smash it.

Yugen – An awareness of the universe which triggers an emotional thought too deep for words.

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