How to beat negative thinking

We’ve all been there – walking past a large crowd with the fear of what they might say or think or even convincing yourself that you aren’t good enough. You are! Everyone is entitled to their second chance at something because we all make mistakes and we have to learn from them. Now, when we have a negative thought, we manage to tell ourselves that we are doing something wrong with ourselves when it’s usually perfectly okay. Instead of letting something being an everyday event, it’s something that bothers us for the rest of the afternoon or even week.

Why can we be so negative? Usually, negative thoughts are caused by low self-esteem or past experiences. But, this isn’t to say that you only get them in these cases… because you don’t. Embarrassment is usually a trigger for negative thoughts and it’s more difficult to motivate yourself after these events.

So, how do we change these nasty thoughts? That’s a great question, one that is also difficult to answer. In my opinion, these are some tactics that are used to counteract negative thinking:

  1. Concentrating on something different – in the moment of the thought process, attempt to divert your attention to something in your surroundings, this could be anything from a tree to a cute puppy, whatever it is that might be able to distract you – USE IT!
  2. Walking with confidence – say it in your body language. Walk with pride and allow yourself to be the person that you want to be. Everyone has their drawbacks, it’s those who embrace it that are most successful at positive thinking.
  3. Talk to your mind – connect with your head and get some headspace, take a few moments and forget about the rest of the world, it’s you and only you. Perhaps you could run through what you’re hoping to do for the rest of the day, or, you could simply fight the thoughts virtually.
  4. Ask someone for their opinion – Now, this one could be biased and risky, especially if you worry about opinions, but, if you like hearing what people have to say about you then this could be a fantastic way to channel new love for yourself.
  5. Write down how you feel and burn it – This is a great way to show yourself that you’re not prepared to put up with the thoughts anymore and that you are so ready to move on with your life. It will help you to gain more self-belief.

“But they keep happening?” – Unfortunately, my friends, they will… but that isn’t to say that they won’t go away. You need to give yourself time and be able to use these techniques automatically so you are fully aware that you are good enough to be who you are. If they persist after what you believe to be a prolonged period, try different techniques or stop altogether and allow the mind to think naturally, this way you know how you need to change your thoughts and you can pinpoint specifically what it is that is bad about them.

Just remember – you are here, on this planet for a reason and someone (hopefully lots of people) are able to see that.

Yugen – An awareness of the universe which triggers an emotional thought too deep for words.

“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.” – Charles Swindoll


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